Welcome to the Lets Do It media bank, where you can find great photos and videos of Lets Do It events and cleanups, from all around the world!

How to use this media bank?

Lets Do It media bank is a free photo and video stock. We have created this to provide you with free high quality pictures from Lets Do It! events and World Cleanup cleanups. Those pictures may be used only for noncommercial purpose or by media.

You are free to use and modify these pictures for a noncommercial purpose - for example if you are designing a campaign to promote a cleanup event in your country, you are most welcome to use our collection of photos from similar events all around the globe.

You can search picture by country, by tag-words and by type of events. As a user you can download all photos that you like - just click on the picture, then look for a “download” button in the footer, and then another click on that will start the downloading process.

You can also take full advantage of our video library here. Please be aware that you will not be able to download high-quality video material from this site. In case of such a need, please find the contact person information next to the video you have selected and ask this person directly for the video in better quality.

For Lets Do It teams:

Lets Do It teams – you are welcome to share your emotions and special moments with us! You can upload pictures in good quality and insert videos with decent quality and with your contact data, in case anyone needs to get in touch. In this way we can inspire people around the world to follow your example!

First, to be able to start uploading pictures and videos, you need a user account - your own username and a password.

Please ask for this from your team leader of your country. Every country team is provided with unique username and password. If you have lost a username and password, please ask your regional coordinator to send a new one.

If you enter with your username and password to the media bank, you will be able to upload, edit and delete all photos and videos of your country. Therefore please be careful with sharing the username and password - photos and videos that get accidentally deleted will be lost from the media bank. Your user account only allows you access to edit your country's media bank - you don't have editing access for albums uploaded by other countries.

Please be sure that pictures you are going to upload are in good quality (for example with size 1Mb and up )!

How to upload pictures?

1.    First you have to create an album. You can find “ Add album” above the pictures. Please fill fields with information:

a.    Name – please write a name of your event, for example “ Cleanup action in Benin”. Please be specific and add your name of the country to the album name, so that people looking for pictures from your country, will be able to find them. Be aware that the name of the album will appear on the cover picture of the album!

NB! Please use only letters and numbers and no other marks like "#%&/(etc. It might give you an error and you have to start again.

b.    Description – please add a description for your event – when and where it took place, what was the event about, how many participants, how much garbage was collected or other results, who were the partners, some emotional facts. It will be valuable information for visitors and for a journalists who will be looking for a picture with a story.

c.     Country – please select your country (if it is not selected already). This will make sure that these pictures will appear under your country if anyone is looking for pictures with 'country' search.

d.    Categories – please specify, is it a cleanup or some other event (press conference, promotional event etc). The category 'PR images' is meant for the use of the journalists - be sure to select carefully and add only the very best photos of team leaders, opinion leaders or other illustrative photos from your event, which could be added to the articles about your cleanup. Please don’t add too many pictures to 'PR images' – this is for journalists in hurry who want to find good picture very quickly. Be sure to add names and titles of the relevant people in photos to the photo descriptions.

e.     Date – please add a date when the event took place (not uploading date!) Please follow an example: 2012-08-25

f.      Then press “Submit” and an album is created.

2.    Now you can start uploading the photos.

a.    Please select “ Add photos”. Then a new window will appear.

b.    Please select “ Add files” and choose the photos you wish to add from your computer or other device.

c.     If files appear in the window, please select “Start upload”. Please be patient - the uploading process might take a bit time depending on your internet, your connection speed, the amount and the size of the photos.

d.    If all photos are uploaded, please press “Submit”

3.    Now you can start editing the photos and adding extra information. Its very important to add extra information to photos, so everybody can understand who are on the pictures and what they are doing. On some photos its clear, but some photos need extra explanation. Please try to look at the photos through the eyes of a stranger - what relevant information could be added to explain to the viewer about what is happening on the photos? Who are on the photos, what and why are they doing?

a.    Select “ Edit images in album”

b.    Now you can select manually pictures you want to edit (or using invert selection you can select pictures you don’t want to edit). Press “Edit selected”

c.     Now you can add a proper name to every selected picture together with a description and an author. The name will appear on the picture in the media bank if you move a cursor over the picture.

A name of the author (photographer) is important if an author want his name to appear together with photos in media for example.  Also you can change a date - it is already automatically pre-filled, but in case it is wrong, you can correct it here.

d.    After all changes please select “ Submit”

How to upload videos?

First select “ Videos “ on the menu bar. Than you can find the button” Add video” in the center and above the video screens. Please click on that!

Now please fill fields with information:

a.    Video link – please add a video link to the place, where the video is online ( Youtube, Vimeo or other site where the video is accessible for viewing).

b.    Name – please add a name of the video. This will appear on the screen in media bank.

c.     Description – please describe what is the video about and also add the contact information for the person who has a good quality version of this video (the name of the person, e-mail and phone number).

d.    Author – who is the author of the video. There might be many of them. It can be also a name of the studio.

e.     Date – please add a date when the event in the video took place or if the video is not about specific event, write an issuing date of the video.

f.      Country – if it's not prefilled, please add your country name. You can add videos only under your country name. If you want to add a video to other countrie's file, please contact the media bank administrator.

g.     Categories – please mark what kind of video it is – is it about a cleanup, promotion, some events etc.  If it’s not video about a cleanup, promotion or events, please mark “other video”.

If you need any assistance by downloading pictures and videos, please contact:
Kristjan Jung or Tuuli Kaeramaa
[email protected] or [email protected]